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Anonymous asked - "Can I have a Charlie Day gif hunt?"

My time to shine has come. Yes of course I can. I’ll get started on that soon.


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Anonymous asked - "Charlie what fcs would you like to see more in roleplays?"
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12 Blood textures -> Download

You may use for your own graphics or to make textures with them. No credit necessary since all I did was rip them from a game. :D

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grant gustin and dylan o’brien

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Valemont Academy started as a project to try to save the Valemont’s family fortune but quickly turned into something more, something every promising heir wanted to be a part of. They wanted to find someone to please their needs and Mr. Valemont would make sure all of them didn’t leave the place by themselves.

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AND YOU’RE GONNA HEAR ME *turns into a dragon and breathes fire at you* ROAR

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1. What face claim would you use to play yourself?
2. Who is your favorite canon character to play? Why?
3. Who is your favorite OC to play? Why?
4. What face claim do you play the most?
5. What face claim have you been dying to play?
6. What are your favorite kinds of characters to play?
7. What roleplays have you been in?
8. What kind of roleplays do you usually play in?
9. Are there any roleplays you're excited for?
10. What roleplays are you currently in?
11. How long have you been roleplaying?
12. Why do you roleplay?
13. What sort of character are you dying to play?
14. Tell me about one bad roleplay experience.
15. Who is your favorite person to roleplay with?
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Anonymous asked - "Hi Dia! I was wondering, would you happen to have much knowledge to help me out with Asian FC suggestions? If not, do you know any blogs or RPHs that are? Thank you so much in advance!"


Ooh I have so many. I’m assuming you mean Eastern Asians, so if I’m wrong, please come back and I’ll give you Middle Eastern suggestions.


  • Devon Aoki
  • Go Ara
  • Grace Park
  • Hayley Kiyoko
  • Jamie Chung
  • Jess Bowen
  • Kiko Mizuhara
  • Klariza Clayton
  • Lee “T-ae” Eun
  • Rinko Kikuchi
  • Soo Joo Park
  • Sunny
  • Tiffany Hwang


  • Andre Kim
  • Changmin
  • Godfrey Gao
  • Harry Shum Jr.
  • Hok Konishi
  • Jaejoong
  • Justin Chon
  • Kenichi Matsuyama
  • Ryan Conferido
  • Yunho

If you need more, you can check out my Asian face claim masterlists.

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Yvette Nicole Brown Gif Hunt


There are approximately 306 gifs in this gif hunt, none of which are mine. If a maker wants credit or for their gif to be taken down, then they should feel free to message me. Please only reblog if you’re a RPC/H/A. Download the collection here.


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